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Classical Progression is a full service design, construction and interiors company with its home base and offices in Malibu and Santa Monica, California. Our philosophy is to work with our clients to integrate classic, nostalgic designs into new, inspired environments often by adapting salvaged materials and antiques from around the world into cutting edge and progressive buildings. Over the last 25 years, Classical Progression has incorporated its philosophy into the design and development of over 500 projects, including homes and commercial properties in Malibu, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Hollywood, and Bel Air.  


Classical Progression's design and construction studio is led by its founder, Kevin J. Cozen, who works together with his wife Carolynn and daughter Skylar.



Classical ( clas-si-cal )


​of or relating to the ancient Greek and Roman world and especially to its literature, art, architecture, or details.


Progression ( pro-gres-sion )


the act of progressing; forward or onward movement.



Principal & Founder 


Kevin J. has always had a passion for discovering and uncovering beauty in the unexpected. Looking to the past for inspiration and the future for progressive and innovative methods of building and engineering, Classical Progression Inc. reflects Kevin's unique ability to create one of a kind environments and experiences using unusual, creative, and stimulating elements.

California born Kevin Cozen studied architecture at Southern California Institue of Architecture where he graduated top of his class. Over the past thirty years in the industry, Kevin has designed real estate masterpeices for clients including the Hilton Family, Pat Benetar and Seven For All Mankind Jeans, along with production designing prominant feature films including Frailty, Imposter, and Living Out Loud. His style is best characterized for its dramatic response to its contemporary forms, ultimately creating perfection out of the unexpected.




Skylar Cozen Streit  - Owner, Designer, and Supervisor

Carolynn R. Cozen - Owner, Interior Design, and  Real Estate





Classical Progression utilizes the latest in computer aided design and technology, along with the artistic and traditional style of hand drawings, to create the highest in quality design solutions for our clients. The initial research and study of a project incorporates an analysis of the project site, understanding the client's needs and program requirements, and extensive research of city ordinances.


Our 25 years of building experience enables us to create construction documents that are not only complete, but feasible for the project budget. We use software such as AutoCad, Revit, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design to design initial 2D drawings, and Rhino, Revit, and 3D Studio Max to create realistic computer renderings that give the client a realistic understanding of their new design. We can even walk you through your new home or office before it is built!



Our construction involvement ranges from scheduled site walk throughs to in-depth project management.   We have been licensed construction professionals for over 25 years.  Our projects are managed with on-site resources to provide the following core services at value pricing: 


Cost Management

Schedule Management 

Quality Control 

Supervision and Coordination

Project Coordination & Logistics Management 

Project Closeout / Post Construction

Owner Move-in Coordination.


Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.35.26 AM.png



At Classical Progression, we take pride in continuing our design process into the furnishing and decorating phase of our projects.  Specializing in residential and office interiors, our interior design department utilizes a variety of visual tools, including 3D renderings, sketches and color boards, in which clients are able to visualize designs well before projects are underway.  


We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is not only functional and inviting, but works with the overal design of the building.  We have a unique ability to create high end interiors with a conscious budget.  

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